Day 3 – Thinspiration

Walked 1hr and 16mins this morning and even worked in some upper body strength training with crunches included!

Crunches – 20 (x4)
Side Arm Raise/Shoulder Shrug circuit – 15 (x2)
Tricep Kickbacks – 15 (x2)
Crunches – 20 (x2)
Chest Presses – 20 (x2)
Floor Extended Arm Presses – 20 (x2)
Bicep curls – 20 (x2)
Forearm curls – 20 (x2)
Forearm raises – 20 (x2)

Go me for being so badass today!!  I think I’ve decided to start doing a weekly Vlog as well….so much to do in order to keep the motivation going!  Totally worth it though  😀


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