Day 7 – Thinspiration

I should be happy with the fact that I’m down 2.6lbs this week but it is not quite the 3lbs I was hoping for. Fuck it! Happy Happy Me!!

I’m sitting at 306.4 lbs right now and since I was unable to hit my goal (yes I know being off by 0.4lbs is not bad actually) I decided to read download MyFitnessPal and track what I’m eatting and my exercise that way.

I walked 1hr and 8 mins this morning which is 10 mins less than last Tuesday but the same distance walked. That means I’m getting faster! :D. Also did lower body and a lil bit of core strength training.

Calf Raises – 12 (x2)
Squats – 12 (x2)
L&R Leg Raises – 12 (x2)
Scissors -12 (x2)
Crunches – 20 (x4)
Chest presses – 20 (x2)
L&R Abductions/Adductions -12 (x2)
Leg Kickbacks – 12 (x2)

Overall not a half bad morning so far!


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