Day 8 – Thinspiration

OMG….my legs hurt like hell today!  I totally needed that lower body workout yesterday morning and am glad that I did it dispite the ache.

I’m excited to report that my eating was superb yeasterday! I consumed almost over 1800 cals and burned almost 500 cals.  Also didn’t eat after 6pm which I think will help me out in the long run.

Did a 1hr and 12min long walk this morning!  I was a lil bit slower than yesterday but I think it was because of the achy legs.  No strength training because I spent the rest of the morning packing.  I’ll be house sitting so I’m hoping that I don’t slack off because I’m not at my house.  Packed up my mat and weighs though so I think that I’m good!  Wish me luck!!


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