Day 9 – Thinspiration

Lord am I tired as hell right now! House sitting always results in messed up sleep for me because I just can’t relax and pass out naturally like I do at my house where it’s comfortable.  I was waking up like every 30-45mins so UGH!

On a good note though, I walked for 60mins this morning and my eatting was awesome as hell yesterday.  Ate right over 1700 cals and burned about 500 cals.  My legs are still pretty achy from Monday’s lower body strength training so I’ve been stretching a lot the last two days.  I did some upper body strength training early early before the sun came up this morning as well as some crunches.  Week two is on the path to being awesomely successful! Yay!!

Crunches – 20 (x4)
Chest Presses (Floor) – 20 (x2)
Extended Arm Presses (Floor) – 20 (x2)
Side Arm Raises/Shoulder Shrug Circuits – 15 (x2)
Bicep Curls – 20 (x2)
Forearm Curls – 20 (x2)
Forearm Raises – 20 (x2)
Tricep Dips – 15 (x2)


Wha'cha wanna say??

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