Day 10 – Thinspiration

Walked 1hr and 1min this morning and did another lower body workout for the week with added crunches and chest presses.  Still super tired today so I think I’ll try and take a small nap if I get the chance!  🙂

Yesterday’s eating went awesome yet again.  I ate a little over 1700 cals and burned just over 400.  It’s amazing how many calories I have missed burning by missing the 10 extra minutes I had been doing at the beginning of the week.  I can’t wait til I’m back at my house and 100% back on my own schedule!

I’m pretty damn positive that I will totally reach my goal of 303lbs by Monday!  Just need to make sure that I don’t boofoo it up over the weekend with my food.  I’m still planning on walking every day this weekend and plan to continue to do so everyday.  I know they say you should rest a day in regards to working out but going on a walk a day can’t be bad can it? I do take rest days for my strength training though to help build the muscles back up by giving them a break.

I should be out of the 300s weight wise in the next week and a half!  I’m so excited to see the 200s once again and never visit the 300s ever again!  Then I’ll push to reach the 100s and never see the 200s again either!

Crunches – 20 (x4)
Chest Presses (Floor) – 20 (x2)
Standing Calf Raises – 12 (x2)
Squats – 12 (x2)
Leg Raises (L&R) – 12 (x2)
Scissors -12 (x2)
Abduction/Adduction Leg Raises (L&R) -12 (x2)
Donkey Kicks/Doggie Hydrant Circuits (L&R) – 12 (x2)


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