Day 14 – Thinspiration

Fuck yes! Lost 3.4lbs this week!!  Yay for me!!  Though sad that I slept right through my alarm this morning to get up for my walk.  😦  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t get home until midnight or fall asleep until 12:30am.  Oh well.  I’ll definitely get a walk in before the day is out!

I am super excited that I was able to reach my goal for this week!  😀  I feel that overall my working out was pretty good and my eatting was fantastic.  Thanks to that damn MyFitnessPal app it’s hella easy for me to keep track of what I’m eating and how much.  Yay for motivation, determination, and consistency!

Next goal on the list was to lose 3lbs and hit 300lbs but I’ve decided I don’t wanna be in the 300s anymore so I’m actually going to shoot for losing 3.2lbs so that I’m 299.8lbs hahahaha.  Yay for  getting back into the 200s soon!

Did a 50min walk this afternoon! 😀


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