Day 25 – Thinspiration

Did a 58min walk this morning and a 50min walk this afternoon.  I’m honestly surprised that I even woke up this morning given that I forgot to take my phone off of silent last night so my alarms didn’t go off.  Damn technology! I woke up almost and hour later than usual and was about to not got for my walk when I decided screw it!  I didn’t do any exercising yesterday and didn’t want to get into a bad habit of going too many days without it.

I’ll be doing my weigh-in Sunday morning again because my sis and I are going to a reinessance faire that day and lord only knows what I’ll be eating.  If I go a lil over board I don’t want a Monday weight check to be because my body hasn’t digested much of the food yet.


Wha'cha wanna say??

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