Day 31 – Thinspiration

Didn’t get a change to blog yesterday but I was able to go for a walk in the morning.  I did a 1hr and 18min walk this morning as well and am not sure if I’ll be able to fit one in this afternoon.  To be truthful though, even though I’ve been getting around 8ish hrs of sleep at night, I’m still tired and exhausted as hell during the days and rarely feel like burning more energy.

The job I have doesn’t help given that it is frustrating and agitates the hell out of me.  I’m off all next week and am hoping that I can get someone to call me back in regards to another job I applied for.  I’m tired of too many aspects of my life not being what I want them to be.

Ended up going for another 51min walk this afternoon because I was gonna breakdown and cry if I didn’t go and do something. Guess that job I applied for fell through. Oh yippie for shitty outcomes!


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