Day 34 – Thinspiration

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely pissed at the fact that I only lost 0.2lbs this week.  It’s fucking bullshit and I’ll tell you why. 

I actually did a bit more walking this week than was done last week and made sure to watch my calories and make healthy choices in my food selections.  Then using MyFitnessPal, according to that stupid ass app and my own calculations based of the number of calories that I burned and consumed, I should have lost a minimum of 3 fucking pounds. 

While yes it takes motivation and determination to lose weight, the fact is that this shit is a numbers game when it comes down to it. It takes burning/reducing 3500cals from your diet to drop a pound and I know I more than tripled that crap.  And not from starving myself, hell I ate between 1400-1800cals each day, kept my fat consumption under 20g per day and burned at least 800cals 4 days out of the week so let’s do the math.

To maintain at 293lbs, which was my weight last Sunday, one can consume about 2,900cals of food if they are lightly active a couple of days out of the week which I am outside of doing my walks.  Even using the highest days calorie consumption of 1,800cals eaten per day in the calculation that leaves me with 1,100cals left over per day and at 7 days that’s 7,700cals aka 2.2lbs that I should have lost just based off of my calorie consumption alone.  Then taking into account the avg of 800cals a day that I burned 4 days out of the week that’s another 3200cals which is another 0.9ish pounds coming to a SHOULD HAVE BEEN minimum of 3.1lb loss for the week.  WTF!?

If I have seriously hit a damn plateau only a month into this thing and I’m not starving myself, have seriously had 1 cookie all week long, am remaining active each day, have slept an average of 7.5hrs per night, know my girly time ain’t close to being here and am no more stressed than I was last week or the one prior to that, then this seems pretty fucking ridiculous. 

And everyone wonders why people give up on trying to lose weight.  When you force yourself to wake up in the morning at 4:45am to go for a walk, pass on all the greasy unhealthy foods for the fresh non-processed ones, go for another walk in the afternoon and then fall asleep before 9pm when your favorite TV show comes on so that you have enough energy to get up and do this shit again….it’s no wonder people say fuck it. 

Just needed to rant.  My sorry ass will be up in the morning to try and throw some light jogging into my routine and do the strength training a few times this next week.  I’ll cross my fingers this next week does better.


One thought on “Day 34 – Thinspiration

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had a rough week this week on weigh in. Don’t let the number get to your head too much. You are doing all the right things – it’s just a matter of time 🙂


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