To Marry a Scottish Laird (Scottish Highlander #2) by Lynsay Sands – Book Review

To Marry a Scottish Laird

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I read the first of Lynsay Sands‘ Scottish Highlander series last March of 2014 and since I had to for the second book to come out that June I had completely forgotten about the series because I had gotten caught up in a ton of other books!  So with out further ado, though it has been out for over a year now, here is my review for the wonderful highlander Lynsay Sands book To Marry a Scottish Laird!  I am happy to have rediscovered the series and will say that I was excited to read this one because I absolutely loved Ross and Annabel’s story from An English Bride in Scotland.

To Marry a Scottish Laird is published by Avon and the story takes place about 20 years after the first book so as I was reading along I loved seeing how the two main character’s from An English Bride in Scotland played into this one.  Campbell and Joan are the hero and heroine of this story and I feel that they work really well together as a couple.  She is a healer with a kind heart and courage, while he is the soon-to-be Laird who scuffs at his responsibilities due to his first wife’s death.  They have rough patches in their relationship as surprise events cause their situation to change quickly.  I would have liked a little more romance between them but the story was very well written and progressed wonderfully through events.  It kept me wanting to keep reading even though i should have been doing more productive things with my day. Haha.  It has a really good twist to it with someone trying to kill Joan that I think everyone will enjoy!  I love solving mysteries!!  Also there were some parts that had me laughing out loud….e.g. when Cam threatens to slap a bitch back when she tried to slap him. Aaaaaahahahaha!!

**(snippet from Lynsay Sands‘ book To Marry a Scottish Laird)**

“Bastard,” Finola hissed and raised her hand to slap him.
Expecting it, Cam caught her by the wrist and warned.  “I would never hit a lady, Finola, but since ye’ve proven ye’re no’ one, I’ll give ye fair warning; if ye slap me, I’ll slap ye back.”

Aaaaahahahaha.  That’s right!  If she’s gonna act like a gangsta, she should be slapped like one!  Fyi to future readers….Finola is a total bitch in the book so rest assure that the comment was deserved.

My recommendation is for those who love highlander romance novels to read Lynsay Sands Highlander series!  I’ve loved the first two in the series and plan on reading the next one soon!

Here are the book in the Scottish Highlander series:
#1 – An English Bride in Scotland
#2 – To Marry a Scottish Laird
#3 – The Highlander Takes a Bride

Check out Lynsay’s website HERE or find her on
Facebook or

~Steppy D


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