The Striker (Highland Guard #10) by Monica McCarty – ARC Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


A few weeks back I was at my local library and happen to come across a book called The Chief by Monica McCarty while browsing the romance section.  Oh yes, I am a sucker for romance novels and anything Scotland so what did I do??  Well I checked out the damn book and was blown away! I finished all 9 books of the series in about 3 weeks because they were just THAT GOOD!!  So of course I was beyond psyched when I saw book #10 of the Highland Guard series pop up on NetGalley!

The Striker, written by Monica McCarty, will be release November 24th 2015 by Gallery Books.  You guys have got to check this book series out!

FYI…this is a VERY emotional story.  I seriously cried like a baby throughout most of it but it was sooooo good!  You really feel for Margaret MacDowell, the main female character.  And while Eoin MacLean was a little frustrating with making her wait over, and over, and over again as well as not fully trusting her til the end (their families are enemies, on opposite sides of the war), I still loved his character.  I’ve been waiting for his book to come out since McCarty gave us little snippets of him here and there in the other books.  You could just feel the vibe that his marriage was pretty rocky and boy did I want to know the story behind it!

The only thing that threw me off about the book was when it started off in 1313 and then left you hangin’ at the end of chapter one by jumping back to 1305 for half of the book before then coming back again to where chapter one had left off.  I was like ‘WTF is gonna happen?!??’.  But while I was pulling my hair out with anticipation, I understand that in order to grasp the depth of the two main character’s relationship, you had to travel back in time to get the jest of how they fell in love and where their marriage went array.

It takes place during the time of Robert the Bruce on his journey to obtain the crown of Scotland using his special ops Highland Guard and it was absolutely fantastic!  If you like historical romance, with some good ol’ Scotland thrown in, then this series is totally for you!

Here’s the best Reading order for the Highland Guard series:
#1 – The Chief (Highland Guard #1)
#2 – The Hawk (Highland Guard #2)
#3 – The Ranger (Highland Guard #3)
#4 – The Viper (Highland Guard #4)
#5 – The Saint (Highland Guard #5)
#6 – The Recruit (Highland Guard #6)
#7 – The Hunter (Highland Guard #7)
#8 – The Knight – A Novella
#9 – The Raider (Highland Guard #8)
#10 – The Arrow (Highland Guard #9)
#11 – The Striker (Highland Guard #10) – releases November 24, 2015
#12 – The Rock (Highland Guard #11) – releases December 29, 2015
#13 – The Ghost (Highland Guard #12) – expected release June 2016

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~Steppy D


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