Ultimate Passage Worlds (Volume One) by Elle Thorne – Book Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

So a while back I ended up getting into a few sci-fi books that made me interested in reading more of the genre.

Ultimate Passage Worlds (Volume One) by Elle Thorne contains Book #1 – Her Alien Savior and Book #2 – His Human Hellion from her Ultimate Passage series.  While I received my copy through NetGalley, as I was getting ready to post my review to Amazon I noticed that it was listed as a Kindle Unlimited book for those of you who might be interested in getting yourself a copy.  I love using Kindle Unlimited to discover new authors!

This particular book was listed as ‘new adult’ which I haven’t seen many books labeled as, so I was curious as to how the book would play out. I always feel bad when I rate any book below a 4 star but I have to say that I just couldn’t really get into this book mentally or emotionally. I was originally going to list is as a 2 star but then when I got to the end and read the excerpt for the next book in the series I was curious as to what was going to happen next. That by itself earned an extra star putting it at a 3.

The idea behind the book was actually pretty good. I would have liked a little more back story into the Asazi people, but I found the concept of them being part angel with chameleon like qualities pretty cool. I especially liked how they changed colors based off of their emotions, which the synopsis claims the species not to show/have (but you see it throughout both stories).

Now on to my biggest issues with the book. Maybe I was just dazing in and out as I was reading the book (though I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t) but it felt as if the story, while a great concept, fell short of the greatness that it could have been. Things didn’t always feel as if they lined up, some events moved to fast (i.e. the love between the characters wasn’t really believable to me), and specific detailed felt jumbled and not quite thought out completely. For example, in the beginning when Finn is at Marissa’s appartment. A scene starts of with her being dressed in a tank top but then mentions her top as button up. Another scene has her putting on jeans but then, when the characters are about to get all hot for each other, it mentions her taking off a sundress instead. My OCD self had a hard time with pieces/details getting mixed up. Also a lot of the conversations between characters felt as though they were having the same words repeated consistently, like they were running in circles.

Then there is the main female character, Marissa. UGH! This female!! It is very rare that I come across a book heroine that I dislike as much as I did her. She was extremely whiny and apparently not too bright when she decides it’s a great idea to go visit her fathers grave when she knows that someone is still hunting her. Are people really that obtuse in real life? Yeah we all have our bad days but she come across as selfish and preferred to boil in her pissed-off pity party depression. For me personally, it was hard to relate to such a negative attitude character or even feel any besides agitation towards her. On top of her attitude issues, she annoyingly asks the same question over and over when she argues or if someone says something she doesn’t like. “What’s that about?” And then there’s the secret keeping! UGH!!!

I have to be honest and say that I would have loved this book way more had the heroine been more likeable. But while I didn’t care for her, I will read the next books which are supposed to be more so about other characters that have been introduced in these first books.

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~Steppy D


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