The Benighted (The Benighted #1) by A.M. Dunnewin – Book Review



Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

So I started reading this book called The Benighted written by A.M. Dunnewin over the weekend and since I happened to start it super late on Friday night, I was practically in tears from being so tired and not wanting to put the book down!

The basic jest of the story is that you have a prince whom is found dead and because of this the king assigns a knight to watch over the princess, Skylar.  She begins to grow suspicious that her brother didn’t die as everyone claims and she confides in her knight, Harlin.  Due to her nosing around, the king is killed, the knight blamed, and the princess imprisoned and tortured for helping him escape and because she does not agree to what the asshole Royal Advisor wants.  The kingdom is getting ready to go to war.

It was extremely well written, despite the descriptions of the princess’s outfits being a bit much for me. Truly a fantastic read, I’ve never read one of it’s like before.  Though for readers who are not into dark stories, I wouldn’t recommend this particular one to you.  Me personally, I love a tortured character because you can’t help but feel connected to them as you witness them going through soul changing situations.  Again I repeat, this is a SUPER DARK story!

The only things about this book that I didn’t particularly care for was the continuous flashbacks of past events, whether they be through delusions, dreams, or just dazing in and out.  It was an interesting way of pulling the events that brought the characters to the now but I found myself getting a little frustrated about a third of the way through the book with wanting something productive to happen in the present time of the story.

It is listed as a sci-fi/fantasy/romance, but I will say that this story didn’t seem very ‘romance’ genre to me.  As it gets closer to the end of the book you see that both Skylar and Harlin started developing feelings for each other but there weren’t any lovey-dovey scenes going on.

From what I’ve read it is supposed to be the first book of a saga but I’m not sure if Dunnewin is planning on continuing the book series seeing as this one was published two years ago.  I really hope that she does because it left you hanging on the brink of war and I have to know how the story continues!  Please finished the series!!

If you’re into dark fantasy books then you should totally check out The Benighted!

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~Steppy D


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