The Rock (Highland Guard #11) by Monica McCarty – ARC Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It has been FOREVER since I did a review for a book but since the holidays are finally over and the stress is done until the end of this year I have returned to bestow my opinions to the world once again!

The Highland Guard series written by Monica McCarty is superbly amazing!  The Rock is the 11th book in the set and was released December 29th 2015 by Gallery Books.  You guys have got to get on bored with these books!

Out of all the books, I would have to say that while this one seemed to frustrate me the most it was the most realistic of them all in regards to how feelings affect people. Both the hero, Thom, and the heroine, Elizabeth, are hardheaded and stubborn when it came to their feelings for each other. But isn’t that how we all are when it comes to love?

He has been in love with her since they were little and when he finally tells her and she doesn’t react the way that he wants her to, he gets hurt and angry, then disappears for 3 years to become something more worthy than he believes he currently is. She on the other hand is completely naive to her feelings for him because she never looked at him as more than just a friend and her fear from being poor when she was a young girl has her not looking past their stations to a possible future together.

While it was frustrating to see them go back and forth with their feelings for each other, it was nice to catch a glimpse of what real love looks like. People get hurt, lash out at the one that they truly love, and make mistakes. This book is filled with a bunch of that which is what makes it wonderful!!

Here’s the best Reading order for the Highland Guard series:
#1 – The Chief (Highland Guard #1)
#2 – The Hawk (Highland Guard #2)
#3 – The Ranger (Highland Guard #3)
#4 – The Viper (Highland Guard #4)
#5 – The Saint (Highland Guard #5)
#6 – The Recruit (Highland Guard #6)
#7 – The Hunter (Highland Guard #7)
#8 – The Knight – A Novella
#9 – The Raider (Highland Guard #8)
#10 – The Arrow (Highland Guard #9)
#11 – The Striker (Highland Guard #10)
#12 – The Rock (Highland Guard #11)
#13 – The Ghost (Highland Guard #12) – expected release June 2016

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