Tiger In Her Bed by Lizzie Lynn Lee – Book Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent quick read!

I was bit skeptical about how Tiger In Her Bed by Lizzie Lynn Lee was going to turn out when I saw that is was indeed a short story.  Thinking it was part of a serial, I’ve always found it super hard to review only a quarter of a story.  I have to say though that I was beyond impressed with how this story was able to develop!  Here is the blurb from Amazon:

“It was a simple dare. Walk up to her brooding, hot boss, Quinn Alexander, in the middle of the New Year’s office party and kiss the arrogant smirk off the bastard. Fueled by too much alcohol, Vanessa Lyle impetuously takes up the challenge.

The next morning after the hangover fades, she’s mortified. To think she’d been drunkenly brazen enough to steal a kiss from her boss. Quinn will fire her for sure.

To her surprise, she gets to keep her job because Quinn demands she fix the problem she’s caused. Someone had taken a video of that scandalous kiss and posted it on social media. The video went viral. Quinn’s mom happens see the video and demands to meet his “girlfriend.” Quinn orders Vanessa to pretend to be his woman just to keep his mom off his back.

During a weekend at his parents’ house, Quinn takes pretending to a whole different level. He can’t keep his hands off her, in and out of his bed. But then she discovers his furry secret. Hot guy + big cat = trouble, and curvaceous Vanessa learns it the hard way…”

The pace of Vanessa and Quinn getting to know each other and become an item grew extremely well for a short story making it a breeze to read through.  I really liked, Vanessa, the main female character’s personality and that she worked at a game development company. My sister who is studying to do the same type of job would probably like this book as much as I did!

If serials were like this I would read them more. I could totally see this being the first part of a set of books where you get to see Vanessa and Quinn’s relationship grow. What a great idea that would be! I will defiantly be reading many more books from this author!

Check out Lizzie’s website HERE


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