Unexpectedly Yours by Coleen Kwan – ARC Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I received Unexpectedly Yours as an ARC on NetGalley and it was such a cute story!

Written by Coleen Kwan it will be released March 14th, 2016 by Entangled Publishing.

I have to admit that as I initially went through this book, I bounced back and forth between loving the hell out of it and getting straight out pissed off.  All of these happy/mad feelings  stemmed from the female lead Hannah.  She’s your typical new divorcee who is still emotionally trying to get past a failed marriage, so her thoughts and feelings are all over the place. Throw an unexpected baby into the mix and it’s bound to get crazy frustrating for someone who has never been in those shoes before. Hannah’s wishy washiness in her feelings for Derek made me mad most often than not because I can’t stand indecisiveness. Yeah she had a crap marriage but assuming that her brother’s childhood friend was just like her ex-husband, when they pretty much grew up together, seemed childish and immature.  And thinking that someone taking care of her was a weakness?  That’s a pitifully sad thought process and I’m glad that by the end of the story she grew up and pushed past her fears of loving someone again instead of ending up alone.

I really liked Derek though.  He was a very well rounded character and seemed like an all around good guy despite all the crap that people tried to judge him for.  I honestly can’t think of a single moment in the book where I was mad at him like I was with Hannah.  You really feel for him when you see his thoughts and what a genuine person he is.

I was somewhat thrown by the fact that you didn’t even find out Hannah was pregos until the last 40% of the book.  It wasn’t even discovered that she was expecting until this point.  For it having the cover that it did, I would have thought most of the book would have revolved around the pregnancy.  Then again, to really get pulled into loving the characters, you had to see the base of their relationship build to make it seem more realistic. So I can get with that.

Overall this was a very relaxing read and I would totally recommend it to others.  Not sure if Kwan plan’s on turning this book into a series, but I sure hope that Hannah’s brother Caleb gets a book because he and Amber seemed like they would be a good match!  😉

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