Alien Indiscretions (Clans of Kalquor #9) by Tracy St. John – Book Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Boy am I exhausted after reading this book.  A really good exhausted though!  The ‘staying up until 2AM when I know I have to get up for work at 5:30AM’ kinda exhausted!!!  😀

Alien Indiscretions is the 9th book in the Clans of Kalquor series written by Tracy St. John.  It is one of my favorite SciFi Erotica series and I LOVE TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT IT!!  Here is the Goodreads except from this particular book:

Cissy Salter is more than ready to shed Earth’s repression when she moves to the planet Kalquor. She leaps headlong into drinking, partying, and liaisons with young alien men. She would be having the time of her life if not for the disapproval of a certain rich, gorgeous Dramok she can’t avoid. She’d love to despise him, but her heart has other ideas.

Dramok Diltan sees the bawdy, unrefined Cissy as a thorn in his side. The last thing he needs is a woman who drives him crazy every time they meet. Yet the spark in her eyes kindles a fire he can’t ignore. His enthralled clanmates Wal and Rolat are determined to get the two to stop fighting, at least long enough to explore the possibility of making Cissy part of their clan. When they discover Diltan’s past misdeeds, Wal and Rolat issue an ultimatum: help them seduce the Earth woman or face punishment.

As Cissy and Clan Diltan discover each other’s true nature and love blooms, the long-hidden secrets of Kalquor’s leadership are revealed. An old conspiracy brought to light shatters Kalquor’s peace, driving the Empire apart … and tearing Cissy from the arms of the three men she can no longer live without.

As always I LOVE these characters!  Cissy was a rambunctious chick with an awesome attitude, and Diltan (a congressman), Wal (a judge), and Rolat (a badass in charge of the Penal Colonies) fit very well with her.  There were a few things that I will say I was a bit disappointed in though.

Sadly not a lot of one-on-one meetings happened between the chick and the clan members in this specific story.  There was one lunch date that Cissy had with Diltan, but I honestly don’t recall Rolat or Wal getting any alone time with her.  Hmmmmm……I like when the previous books have had each of the guys spending individual time with the Matara.  You always get to see what makes him so special that way.

My next “Blah” thought isn’t really about this book in particular but I guess relates to all the Clan of Kalquor books.  I’ve noticed that the stories that revolve around the clan finding their female focus stickily on MF sex.  Yes the other clan members are there when it’s happening but anyone who has read the Clan Beginnings spin-off series knows that these clans are made up of 3 males who are intimate lovers.  The Matara focused books make small mention of this in different parts of them, but you never see dude on dude action in them!!  UGH!!  Maybe I’m a weirdo but as a female who doesn’t have manly parts, I find 2 guys getting freaky with each other super hot.  That’s what I LOVE about the  Clan Beginnings series!!  It has MM/MMM all over the place because the story is about how the Dramok, Imdiko, and Nobek become a clan.  It’s like once the Marata comes into the picture, the guys lose their passion for each other.  It makes me sad deep down inside….

Lastly, this is book specific, I just couldn’t get with the whole master/slave thing in this one.  I couldn’t take it seriously without laughing when Cissy would call one of them “Master”.   To each their own fetish or fantasy I suppose.  I’m down for domination and control being taken over me but I ain’t calling any man “Master”!

This particular book gets really into the political issues that are going on in the world of Kalquor which I got super antsy over.  I loved how it expanded on things that happened in the first book as well as the following ones.  You really need to read it after the others in the series so that you can understand how the instability of the Kalquor Empire came about.

For the best overall feel of the world, here is my personal preferred reading order of all the Clans of Kalquor stories:
#1 – Clan, Honor, and Empire (Clan Beginnings #3)
#2 – Alien Embrace (Clans of Kalquor #1)
#3 – Clan and Crown (Clan Beginnings #4)
#4 – Alien Rule (Clans of Kalquor #2)
#5 – Michaela (First Mataras #1)
#6 – To Clan and Conquer (Clan Beginnings, #1)
#7 – Alien Conquest (Clans of Kalquor #3)
#8 – Sister Katherine (Nuns of Europa #1)
#9 – Alien Salvation (Clans of Kalquor #4)
#10 – Clan and Conviction (Clan Beginnings #2)
#11 – Alien Slave (Clans of Kalquor #5)
#12 – Alien Redemption (Clans of Kalquor #6)
#13 – Alien Refuge (Clans of Kalquor #7)
#14 – Alien Caged (Clans of Kalquor #8)
#15 – Alien Indiscretions (Clans of Kalquor #9)

Disclaimer: All of these books have some form of MMM, MMMF, BDSM, and/or a bunch of other sexual stuff so just a heads up.  GOD I LOVE THESE BOOKS!

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