Day 2 – Thinspiration

Yay!  Went to bed around 8:30pm last night and got up at 4:30am like I had planned to! Another 1hr 15min walk this morning (which I was suprisingly more than happy to do) and taking the stairs, twice, at work has me feeling super good about myself.  🙂  While work was stressful as fushizal, Day 2 is almost over and I’m feeling positive about everything so far when it comes to staying on track with this getting healthy!  Yeah, yeah….2 days isn’t shit but it’s a start to the possibility of awesomeness!!

Though I almost let myself eat something after 6PM yesterday evening (when that was the top thing on my goal list not to do), I stopped myself before I gave in.  Even letting myself eat a small strip of chicken just seemed like the trigger of a rebound.  I know that sounds a bit much, but all I had going through my head was that if I let myself have that lil bit of chicken today, then tomorrow I might let myself have two pieces instead of one, and then the day after that it could be three pieces.  I’d rather cut that shit short and sweat and just not give in at all.  Stick to my guns!!

Looking forward to getting up in the AM for another mind nurturing walk around the neighborhood.  I love when it’s still dark, no one is awake, and you get to peacefully think with a nice cool breeze blowing.  Finding the solace in that is a really good thing for me!  And that brings me to Positive ME Statement #2….

I can always find something positive in every jacked up situation.  I might still see a million and one of the negative aspects of it, but always tend to find at least one thing good in a load of mess.


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