Day 3 – Thinspiration

Burrrrrrrr…it was kinda chilly outside this morning when I went for a walk.  Made good time though!  Did the same route as yesterday and Monday, but managed to do it in 1hr 12mins, that’s 3 minutes faster!  🙂 *YAY* As much as it mind fucks me to be going to sleep at 8:30pm when everyone else that I know it is still awake, I’m really liking being able to wake up super early without have to grumpily drag myself out of bed to go for walks.  The trick is going to be will I still be able to keep this up when the weekend gets here?  Lord knows if I don’t then Monday morning is gonna suck donkey balls.

So I have this really awesome friend that I’ve known since middle school who works at a delicious gormet pizza place.  Well he was cool enough to bring tons of pizza, salads, and desserts up to my work for FREE!  I was strong though and didn’t eat any so *YAY* for self control!  Eating even one piece would have messed me up completely at such a beginning stage in this journey of mine.  I rewarded myself for not eating pizza by climbing the stair yet again to work.  Oh the joys of sweating and breathing like a psycho during work hours!

Positive ME Statement #3:
I am an awesome sister!  Yep…I’ve got a younger bro and older sis who are so much cooler than your siblings.  Yes they’re nerdy and maybe a lil bit geeky at times but they are mine and I wouldn’t switch them out for any others.  I through my sister this huge surprise party for her 34th b’day last month and while it was expensive as FUCK, she had an awesome time, saw how a ton of people love her, and got lots and lots of presents!  *YAY* for surprises and awesome sisters like me!! 😀

*YAY* count for the day……3!  *GO ME*


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