Day 4 – Thinspiration (St. Patrick’s Day)

1506757_10153310891476852_2313703893112128291_nHappy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!  😀

I absolutely love Disney so I thought this pic was super perfect for me to post!  Did anyone get pinched today for not wearing green?

1hr 11min walk this morning and getting a lil faster each day!  I almost didn’t go for the walk because there was a serious lightening storm happening and it looked like it was about to rain hardcore.  But I said fuck it, grabbed my umbrella, and took my peppy lil ass outside and chanced it.  No rain and didn’t get struck by lightening, so that was a positive start to the day!  Spent most of the morning and afternoon debating whether or not I wanted to go out this evening for St. Patty’s Day.  I came to the conclusion that I would rather get to sleep early so that I could get up for my walk in the morning instead of drinking green beer.  How responsible of me to think about my long term goals before short term satisfaction!  Lord only knows what I wouldn’t have eaten AFTER 6PM had I gone out.  I really hope it doesn’t rain in the morning though because I would really prefer to not be completely drenched when I get back from my walk.  There is talk of rain but I’m gonna cross my fingers that it just stays super cloudy, because I looooooove me cloudy, stormy lookin’ weather!

Hope everyone has a great Green Day!  Drink a few green things for me!!  😀

Positive ME Statement #4:

I know how to let shit go!  While I might get pissed off and hot-headed as fuck at times, it only takes me about 10-15mins to cool down and get over it.  Funny because everyone else is usually still pissed off while I’m just happy as a mofo following an argument.  I’ve had quite a few relationships and friendships end because of that shit.  Haha.  Sucks to be those people!  Shout out to my friend Brandon who helped me come up with this one while we were talking on the phone!  Youz a great friend Beezy!!  ;D


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