Highland Awakening (Highland Knights #2) by Jennifer Haymore – ARC Review


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ooooooo this book was soooooo freakin’ gooooooood!  And here I thought I loved Duncan and Grace’s story from Highland Heat!

Highland Awakening is book #2 in the Highland Knights series written by Jennifer Haymore.  I was super excited when I went on my lunch break a few weeks back and saw an email from NetGalley saying that it was already available for request!  LoveSwept is not due to release it until March 29, 2016 but I was lucky enough to get an ARC so here is my review!  I’m literally all gitty!

This book was extremely well written.  Then again, the last one was superb as well.  Come to think of it…I don’t think that I ever posted my review for it in my blog.  I know I posted it on GoodReads but I’ll have to go back and check if I posted it anywhere else.  If not then I shall have to remedy that!

Both hero and heroine, Cam and Esme, were the perfect characters in my opinion.  He was brooding and take charge, yet a caring and honorable man.  Even though Cam had the tendency to do things pretty much to control Esme, there wasn’t even a moment when I could really be pissed off at him.  You could tell from his thoughts that he wasn’t doing it just to be an asshole.  She was shy and clumsy, yet adventurous and strong deep down where none but Cam could see.  I loved how as a ‘Lady’ she did what she wanted with the writing romance stories in secret, despite the possibility of being discovered.  Both characters had really good back stories which I loved and there was murder, mystery, and sexiness all up in this book.  Here is the synopsis from NetGalley:

As the secret author of racy romances, Lady Esme Hawkins goes to great lengths to protect her family’s honor. Which is why she carefully disguises herself before entering a notorious bordello to do research. But when Esme comes face-to-face with a brooding Highland bodyguard, she can’t easily refuse a harmless kiss . . . a kiss that inflames desires ripped from the pages of her novels. Acting on them, however, would risk revealing Esme’s identity—and the fact that she’s engaged to another man.

As a Highland Knight sworn to protect the crown, Camden McLeod never expected to follow his client into a bordello—nor could he anticipate meeting a bright, innocent lass with lush lips and eyes the color of the sea. Instantly, Cam knows he must possess her. But to do so, he’ll need to give up his rakish ways, embrace his role as heir to his despised father, and snuff out a deadly threat to his brothers in arms. By comparison, winning Esme away from her insipid fiancé will be pure pleasure.

You guys have got to read this book!  I just looked it up and I am super excited that Colin and Emilia’s book is going to be coming out in August!  Oh I just can’t wait!!  This book totally deserved the 5 starts that I rated it….maybe I should move to a 10 star system though because it was just that good!

Here are the other stories in Jennifer Haymore’s Highland Knights series:

#1 – A Highlander’s Heart (Highland Knights #0.5)
#2 – Highland Heat (Highland Knights #1)
#3 – Highland Awakening (Highland Knights #2) – expected release March 29th, 2016
#4 – Her Wicked Highlander (Highland Knights #2.5 – Captured by a Celtic Warrior)
#5 – Highland Temptation (Highland Knights #3) – expected release August 9th, 2016

Check out Jennifer’s website HERE or find her on
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