Day 5 – Thinspiration

Happy Happy Friday!  5 awesome days of walks so far this week, there was no rain to detour me this morning, and I’ve finished my route yet again another minute earlier!  1hr 10mins today, hoping I will be able to get it done in under an hour eventually.  That’s a pretty good goal to work towards I think.  I know once I start throwing a lil bit of jogging into my routine that will definately happen.  I get nervous jogging on an uneven sidewalk though given the ankle that I sprained last year still tweeks a lil bit every now and again.  Boy is that a story!

So last year I was working as a nanny for this family in Dallas who had a 6 month old lil girl.  I was on my way out to take the baby for a walk in the stroller and as I was walking down the stairs to the front yard, the concrete was uneven on the bottom landing, and my foot landed on it unevenly.  So low and behold, while I was hold a 6 month old in arms, I did that crazy ankle wobble looking thing.  You guys know what I’m talking about right? Like when those chicks in heels can’t walk in them and they wobble back and forth on their ankles?


Funny as shit right?!?  I think that now but it sure as fuck wasn’t funny at the time that it happened to me, and I did this shit in sneakers, holding a baby.  Thank the universe I didn’t drop her!  I slammed my ankle back and forth on concrete though.  And I swear she judged me that day, looking at me like ‘What the hell was that?  My ride is suppose to be smooth!  WTF lady?!?’  Yes…I am a sole believer that babies judge us all and drop the F bomb in their heads when they see the crazy shit that people do.  Why do you think they stare so hard at you in grocery stores or restaurants?  Yep….judgement is being passed!

Anyway, I seriously thought I had broken my ankle given that after crawling to the stroller and strapping the baby in, I proceeded to lay on in the driveway hyperventilating, crying, and trying not to pass out from the pain.

foot owe1 foot owe

(Left picture is from the day that it happened and how swollen it was – Right picture is about a week later when the swelling went down about 75% and the bruising was starting to fade)

By that evening I couldn’t walk on it at all because it was that excruciating.  It only turned out to be a sprain though but it did take almost 6 months to heal for the most part.  And I say for the most part because it still bothers me at times which pisses me off.

And you wanna know the fucked up thing about the whole situation?  Even though this happened while I was at work, the parents didn’t even seem very concerned about it.  They didn’t offer to drive me to the hospital to get it check out (given it was my right ankle…you know….the fucking one you drive with!), didn’t let me drive myself right away to get it x-rayed (they wanted to go eat lunch together before I went home), and then the mom even had the nerve to joke about how I might try to get workers comp out of them or some shit.  That’s what pissed me off the most!  How you gonna joke about some shit like that?  The least they could have done was offer to take me to get it looked at or hell, maybe even offer to pay for the x-rays given that the injury happened on THEIR fucking property because THEY don’t take care of broken concrete on THEIR driveway!  Any other person would have sued their asses.  But not me because I’m a nice fucking person!  God that shit still pisses me off!!  But anyway…

…now that I’ve gotten myself frustrated again over some mess that happened last July, it is time for me to think happy thoughts and write my Positive ME Statement #5:

I really am a happy lil kid at heart, which I love about myself.  Those who know me know how much I LOOOOOOOVE DISNEY and wish I could live at DisneyWorld FOREVER!!  It truly is the happiest place on earth!!  If anybody ever wants to go let me know cause I wanna tag along!!  😀


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