Day 6 – Thinspiration

Holy shit was it cold this morning! Got up at about 5am instead of 4:30 but I also didn’t fall asleep until almost 9pm last night so it was to be expected.

1hr 7min walk this morning.  Now I only have to get it down by 8mins and I’ll be under an hour!  *YAY*  I honestly think the reason I did it 3mins faster than yesterday was because I was freezing and moved my ass faster than normal to get back to the warm coziness of my house. 😀

Went with the sis to this new salad place I had never been to today called Snappy Salads in Dallas.  Wasn’t too bad actually.  They have a really cool build your own salad thing that I thought was pretty awesome.  I’ve eaten at least one salad a day since Monday and just so happened to have two today.  One for lunch and then one for dinner!  🙂  I did give in and eat some Cap’n Crunch Oops All Berries cereal today for a small snack but I must say it didn’t taste as good as I remember it tasting.  😦  Crazy how your taste buds change when you switch what you eat frequently.

Positive ME Statement #6:

I love planning get togethers and parties for my friends and family.  No matter whether it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, Halloween Costume party, birthday party, or baby shower, I love seeing everyone happy when they walk in and have a blast.  It makes putting them together worth every penny, time, and frustration spent on them.  🙂


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