Day 8 – Thinspiration


OMG….I totally must have eaten some super heavy food the Sunday before last or was bloated like a MOFO before I weighed myself last Monday because when I got on the scale this morning it said I weighed 290.4!  Given that it registered 301.8 a week ago, that is 11.4lbs lighter which makes no fucking since.  I know I ate super well and exercised everyday but DAMN!!  Maybe my scale is was having a coo coo moment or they ain’t joking when they say that girly time of the month can screw your weight all up and down!  I’ll take this positively though and be happy and excited that I lost weight after all the hard work at eating healthy and waking up early in the mornings the past 7 days.  I guess given this scale reading I am going to have to reevaluate my goals on my Pudge Be Gone page!

I did a 1hr 9min walk this morning and started getting sad during the last 15-20mins of it.  Kind of weird that I was upset that I only had that small amount of time left to walk before I had to go to work.  I thought about how it wold have been nice if I could have just kept walking and had it stay dark outside.  I could totally get with keeping that thought process!  I’m already excited to get up in the morning and do my walk tomorrow!  So far I’ve done amazing with not eating after 6PM.  If I keep up the good work I will definitely be reaching my goals in no time!!

Positive ME Statement #8:

I’m a very creative, artsy craftsy of person.  I used to be a preschool teacher and nanny so I’ve had my fair share of doing art with lil kiddos.  Get me in a craft story like Michaels or Hobby Lobby and I will walk out of there not having any money left in my bank account!  I love anything to do with crafts and getting creative.  It’s just so much fun!!  😀


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