Day 9 – Thinspiration

Yet again I was sad to have to end my walk today.  Another 1hr and 8mins this morning and feeling good having been at it for 9 days so far!  It’s nice to actually be thinking positively about my health instead of like a negative Nancy most often than not.

I will say that this is the first evening that I have started to feel hungry right before bed.  Serves me right for not eating that banana on the way home from work.  I’m gonna stick to my guns about not eating after 6PM.  So….til tomorrow banana….till tomorrow!

Positive ME Statement #9:

I have an awesome ass imagination!  So I have totally been in the process of writing a story for the last year and have the whole damn story mapped out in my head.  Yes a year is a long time but time is the hardest thing to find!  Given my outline, this puppy it sitting at a minimum of 3 but most likely 7 total.  I love getting my imagined world down on paper!  Maybe I should post some stuff on here and get some people’s opinions?  What an interesting thought…..


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