Day 10 – Thinspiration

1hr 10min walk today.  I feel that the wind was against me today, given my walk time.  Thought it was windy as hell it felt amazing outside this morning!  I can only hope that tomorrow will be just as pretty, temperature wise, in the wee hours of the morning.  🙂

Yet again I am feeling kind of hungry this evening and it has only been about an hour since I had my dinner soup.  I’ve not changed what I’ve been eating with the exception of the fact that I changed the type of soup that I’ve been having for dinner.  I wonder if that is what it is.  It’s about the came amount of soup, then again my new one is about 50 cals lower than the other one.  Maybe next week I should switch back to the other one for a day or two and see if I am still feeling a bit hungry in the evenings.  Not that I’m tempted to give in right now but I don’t like that feeling of being hungry.  Kinda makes me nervous that my stomach will take over my mind one day and then eat a bunch of crazy shit to shut itself up!

Positive ME Statement #10:

I absolutely LOOOOOOVE animals!!  😀  Crazy I know but there is about a 95% chance that I would save an animals life over a random human that I’d never met before.  Animals display unconditional kinds of love while people feel it needs to be earned and/or expect things from it.  I’ve thought about opening an animal sanctuary many a times.  Man I miss my Tippy kitty.  😦


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