Day 11 – Thinspiration

Oh Day 11 how wonderful you have been to me!  While I might have had super bad heartburn earlier this morning, I am happy to say that I am not hungry this evening like I have been the last two days.  I don’t know what had been going on but I didn’t like feeling hungry right before it was beddy-bye time.  Too tempted to splurge on a snack!

Did my walk today, another 1hr 10mins because I was distracted by typing story ideas into my phone.  Low and behold I slipped up on some wet leaves and almost killed myself so yeah….no more walking and looking at the phone anymore in the mornings when it’s dark.  Then again…it would probably be safer for everyone if I didn’t do anything while I walk regardless of if it’s dark or not because I am clumsy as fuck!  If there is an invisible stick laying on the ground somewhere I can guarantee that I will find that bitch.

Did get some super cool ideas for my book that are full of twists this morning!   I just love the whole hour that I get to spend just thinking when I walk!!  It is sooooooo relaxing.  I’m so excited about my story ideas that I think this weekend I am going to sit down and do a lil writing.  I don’t know if any of you have heard of the program Scrivener, but if you are an aspiring writer then this program is BADASS and totally worth the $50 it costs.  It helps you organize your ideas and move parts of your stories around easily.  Oh Scrivener how I love you!!

Positive ME Statement #11:

I love to laugh!  Yep, I don’t think that we should take life too seriously because life is actually a really funny thing if you think of all the normal everyday things we do as humans.  For example, when you’ve got to go to the restroom reeeeeeally bad, and I ain’t talking just #1.  Who doesn’t get all nervous about doing the 2 in a public restroom when OBVIOUSLY that is what they are there for?  That shit is funny as fuck to me!  Everybody poos and don’t none of it smell like roses so let loose and worry not because TO SHIT IS TO LIVE!!  LMAO  I think I might have gone a bit far with that last statement…oh well….this is me! Haha


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