Day 12 – Thinspiration

1hr 10mins walk this morning.  *YIPPEE*  Day 12 is finally over and I am soooo happy that it is Friday cause damn am I exhausted from the week!  Today was a good day because I decided to go to the mall on my lunch break and do a mini 25min walk.  I wasn’t too fond of the perspiring and then having to go back to work feeling ucky, but at least I did a lil extra today on the active side of things.  It might not have been much, but *YAY* for putting in the extra effort!

Looking forward to waking up in the early AM for my 13th walk in a row.  🙂  This past weekend seemed to be pretty easy peazy in regards to choosing healthy things to eat so I’m pretty confident that this weekend will be just as breezy.

Positive ME Statement #12:

I always try!  You’ll never know what could happen if you don’t at least try at things that you want to do, so why not go for it?  Yeah I do have my fearful moments of worrying that I’m going to fail but I still manage to push past it.  Back in summer of 2013 I ‘tried’ to move to California.  Packed up all my shit and drove the 1,400+ miles cross country to LA because I had always wanted to live in Cali.  Sadly, only a month in I panicked with not having gotten a job yet and ran my ass back home to good ol’ Texas.  I’m still kind of pissed at myself for giving up so easily, but at least I can say that I tired it damn it, despite the outcome.  Most of my friends and family still can’t believe that I did it.  😀


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