Day 13 – Thinspiration

As I walk through the cloak of darkness in the wee hours of the morning, it’s crazy to notice how many people leave the lights on in their cars.  I swear I’ve seen at least one a day since I started my walks almost 2 weeks ago.  I just want to pop the hood of their car so bad and disconnect the battery, leaving a note saying what I have done and sign it ‘the Light Saver Vigilante’.  But then I think of how I would rather not go to jail more so than help these people out.  How long do you think you’d get in the pen for tampering with a car that is not your own?  Even if it is to help someone out??

Did a 1hr 10min walk yet again this morning, though I did end up sleeping an extra hour, waking up later than normal.  I think it was about 5:25am when I finally stumbled out of bed and I was out the door by 5:35am.  Guess I really needed the extra sleep!  I’ve always been a light sleeper and toss and turn all the time.  A lot of it has to do with my weight I’m sure, but my dad has sleep apnea so it wouldn’t surprise me if I had it as well.  Plus there’s the having to wake up 2-3hrs before it’s time to officially get up, because I’ve gotta pee! Isn’t your body suppose to shut that function down or something while you sleep??  It agitates the fuck out of me sooooo much!!

Positive ME Statement #13:

I’m a very driven person. I guess this one is similar to my statement from yesterday, but to me they are very different. ‘Trying’ is that initial jump start to accomplishing something, while being ‘driven’ keeps you pushing at the things that you’ve ‘tried’.  Yeah there are moments when I decided it is time to raise the white flag, but at least I know when to cut my losses!  Things that I’m really passionate about, (aka music and writing), I always keep pushing for them.  Maybe not the same degree as I did 10 years ago but I still push for them!


3 thoughts on “Day 13 – Thinspiration

    • I have to say that I never really paid attention to what they hung on their mirrors until you mentioned it! The one I saw this morning I couldn’t really tell if there was anything there. Apparently there are others that get up super early in the morning, but they don’t go for long walks like myself. The whole Titantic love-scene fog thing that was going on with that car suggests other strenuous activities were initiated. Lucky bastards!


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