Day 14 – Thinspiration (Easter)


Happy Easter to everyone!!  😀

Oooooh lordy I didn’t end up going for my 1hr 12min walk until almost 6am this morning!!  And then to top it off, my ankle started tweeking the last 10mins of it.  UGH!  Guess you end up sleeping in a bit when you turn around and watch Netflix until 8:45pm knowing you should have been in bed already.  Though I couldn’t help it!  For those of you who have not started watching the TV series Reign….OMG get on board!  It is way better than I thought it was going to be, but to be honest I only started watching it because Craig Parker is supposed to be in season 2.  That man is a fine piece of candy….like a Ferrero Roche……Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm!

For those of you who don’t know who he is, he played Haldir in Lord of the Rings (the main elf dude who takes Frodo and the fellowship guys to Galadriel) as well as Glaber in the TV series Spartacus (you know, the roman asshole who pissed off Spartacus and started the whole him going crazy shit).  But though I was pissed at Glaber most of the show, I have to say that I really felt for him.  Sucks donkey balls when you are trying to get ahead in the world but everyone seems to block your path and keep you in your place.  *Sigh* so sad he hads ta die, but thank you STARZ and Mr. Parker for the full frontal…..we of the female species are most appreciative!  😀

My family is supposed to be doing an Easter BBQ today so I have to make sure that I am strong this afternoon and maintain self control of myself when I start smelling the deliciousness of the foods we shall have here.  Think it might be best if I ate a big salad before hand and then just ate some of the Italian Grilled Chicken.  Wish me luck!

Positive ME Statement #14:

I am funny as fuck!  While some people might not find my sense of humor laughable, I have calculated that about 74.7% of what comes out of my mouth makes people laugh.  Whether they are laughing with me or at me I care not, because the laugh still counts!  Out of the other 25.3% of my spoken words, I would say that about 17.4% people actually take seriously and the last 7.9% causes people to just get pissed off at me.  I’m just such a diverse individual!

I’m just gonna leave this picture right here for you ladies to drool over…..




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