Day 15 – Thinspiration


You would think that given I was SUPER good yesterday during our family BBQ, having only eaten a single piece of grilled chicken and 2 hard boiled eggs, that the first day of week three would be fabtabulously awesome.  Oh it was awesome in the sense that I lost 4.2 lbs this past week, having my weigh-in this morning be 286.2 lbs!  But ooooooh no…..Stephanie can’t have her cake and eat it too!  Stephanie wakes up feeling like she’s being stabbed in the stomach, with a fever and nausea.  Food poisoning I can handle given I’ve had it a few times before.  But heaven forbid this shit turns out to be salmonella which I’ve had once before and thought I was gonna die.  I panic a lil because given the only thing that changed in my diet yesterday was the chicken stuff…yeah….I’ve always been paranoid about food when my tummy starts hurting super bad  😦

I was hoping that by getting up and moving around I would feel better, that maybe the tummy issues would pass.  Even did almost half of my walk this morning crossing my fingers it would help.  But the 32mins that I did didn’t seem to help at all and I thought I was going to start vomiting all on the sidewalk.  I hate having to call into work and I just wanna cry right now cause I hate feeling nauseous.  I try so hard to not throw up.  😦

Positive ME Statement #15:

I am still alive.  Despite the fact that it typically takes me twice as long to recover from illnesses than most people, at least none of the shit has ever killed me.  When I was working as a preschool teacher, strep throat seemed to be a constant companion and I always had some kind of nasty cold or bug.  I just love how these places are okay with letting sick littles around everyone else because management wants to please the parents.  That sure as hell wouldn’t fly at my preschool damn it!  Oh yeah….did I mention that I’ve always wanted to open an art-based preschool?!?  😀  Then there was that time when I had an allergic reaction to some grocery store bought sushi where my fever had spiked to like 104 and I had horrible chills all night long.  Not to mention how my throat was all swollen up and scratchy to the point I could barely make a phone call to work the next morning saying I wasn’t going to make it in.  What the hell is ‘imitation crab’ anyway?  I think it was that shit that tried to kill me!  Anyway, no matter what has happened to me,  I’ve always seemed to push past it and survive.  So I shall do the same on this day.  Screw you food poisoning!


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