Day 16 – Thinspiration

Ugh! Today’s walk was almost as tough as Day 1 was!  Guess that’s what happens when I have to halfass it the day before because I’m sick.  Then again, I’m sure me not feeling 100% yet is also something I should take into consideration.

While my thinking wasn’t complete positive on my 1hr 11min walk, I was able to contemplate my workout routine for the next few months.  My biggest concern so far has been to get active at least 20mins a day which I’ve been fantastic at!  I’ve focused strictly on walking and cardio because honestly it is the easiest.  So what I thought I would do is every month add something to my activity to enhance my exercise routine.  So here we go….

April – add crunches and core strength training 3 times per week

May – add 3.5 mins of jogging to my morning walk using interval training everyday

June – add upper body training at least 2 times per week

July – add 7 mins of jogging to my morning walk using interval training everyday

So there are the next 4 months roughly established.  I plan to have the strength training accumulate as the month comes up, so by July I will not only be jogging 7 mins out of my walk, but also doing core 3 times per week and upper body 2 times per week.  It’s a start so we shall see where it goes!

Positive ME Statement # 16:

I’m edjumacated!  That’s right!!  I received my Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Finance back in May of 2011 and also have an Associate’s of Science with a field of study in Business that I obtained in May 2008.  It only took me until December of this past year to finally get a job with the damn thing, so at least the $15,000 that I’m still in debt doesn’t seem so pointless.  I absolutely loved college and cant wait to go back for my MBA or whatever else I decide to study.  I’ve debated studying foreign languages to become a linguist!!  😀


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