Day 18 – Thinspiration

Tis the last day of March so tomorrow I shall start adding crunches and core strength training to my workouts 3 times per week.  Oh the joy!  I guess I should map out tonight the kind of core exercises I would like to do.  As long as I get my 3 in for the week then I would have reached my mini goal!  Now on to a rant…

Whoever laid down the sidewalks in my neighborhood is a stupid fuck!  Not only are they all kinds of uneven, to where one must have the eyes of a hawk to keep from tripping and killing themselves, but these fuckers are all higher on one side so that they are tilted at an angle.  So not only is it bad for your muscles, bones, and joint to walk on, but heaven forbid it rains the night before and your shoes are sliding all over the place to try and get some traction.  Feet at one angle, body at another trying to over compensate….it’s a disaster waiting to happen!  And then this along with my stupid fucking left sock that kept sliding down into my shoe.  Ugh!  I stopped no less than 7 TIMES to fix my sock!!  But no worries….I took care of that sock…..I cut the mofo up in to tiny little pieces so it will never bother me again!  Low and behold this mornings 1hr 11min walk sucked ass. Grrrrrrrrrr……

Positive ME Statement #18:

I’m a very honest and trustworthy person.  Yeah, yeah, yeah….everyone says that right?  Well I mean it damn-it!  I couldn’t lie to save my life.  Every time I’ve ever tried to lie I have ‘Guilty’ written across my forehead or something so I just gave it up a long time ago.

“Stephanie, did you take the cookie from the cookie jar?”
“Stephanie, me?”
“Yes, Stephanie you.  The only Stephanie here.”
I look at said cookie jar, and then turn away from it, not making eye contact.
“Of course it wasn’t meeeee!”
All this being said while I have big surprised eyes.


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