Day 19 – Thinspiration

So this lil girl followed me during my walk this morning, all 1hr 8mins of it!   I’m surprised I was able to get the walk done that fast given I kept having to try to coax her out of the street but low and behold trying to save a dog bright and early on a Friday morning, April Fool’s Day for that fact, I guess I was in a hurry to get home and keep her safe.  I’ll be putting up signs this weekend to try and find her home because it looks like she had a collar on once upon a time.  I’ve already posted something on Facebook and my friends have started to share it around where I live.  This just goes back to my positive me statement back on Day 10.  I absolutely love animals!

So I will use it yet again for my Positive ME Statement #19:

This isn’t the first time I have brought home a stray puppy and I’m sure it will not be the last.  The last time, while my mom and I happened to be on our way to the grocery store we saw this little bitty Chihuahua in the middle of the road.  And this isn’t a lil 2 laner.  Three lanes across going in one direction and three lanes in the other.  It was an older dog so she was walking slow and my mom pulled over.  I got out of the car and grab the dog so that it didn’t get hit by oncoming traffic, so i guess it’s a good thing she was nice huh?  We ended up skipping the store for the time being and went home.  Thank the universe were able to get a hold of the family the next day.  We were lucky that they had posted up signs the next morning and she was returned home safely. 🙂  I hope we are able to do the same for this lil dog, but if not I guess I’m going to have a new friend (She’s already been named Cinnabun!).  No pound for this puppy! 🙂


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