Day 20 – Thinspiration

So I took my new little walking buddy with me this morning, and boy does this dog get me walking quicker than I normally do!  Yeah we had to stop a few times for her to smell EVERYTHING, but I was able to get the walk done in 1hr 9mins today.  I’ve yet to do any of my crunches/core this first week of April, then again it is only day 2 of the month so I have some time.  I will make myself do at least something this evening before I get super tired.

Yay for me not ordering anything from Sonic!!  I ordered food for other people, some cheese burgers and tater tots, but I was able to resist.  You know, it makes me a bit nervous for if I let myself eat anything other than the current things that I eat.  I know my stomach will probably trip out and get all crampy like it did this past Monday due to Easter food stuff.  And that wasn’t even unhealthy food!  We shall see I suppose.

I have also debated changing my weigh-in days to Sundays instead of Mondays.  I don’t know why but having to go 2 WHOLE DAYS of being home most of the day and not be tempted to weigh myself is a bit frustrating.  Also, doing it on Sunday would give me more time to write a longer blog about how I feel in regards to my weight loss journey.  To be honest, all of this has pretty much left me with no life.  It’s super hard on ones social life when you wake up at 4:30am in the morning, workout, shower, eat breakfast, leave for work at 6:55am, get home from work about 6:00pm, prep your food for the next day, write a blog, and then maybe……MAYBE…have an hour before I have to go to sleep.  I knew that this would be a lot of time and effort and I keep reminding myself that while I am making a lifestyle change, the hardest part is getting the weight off.  I know keeping it off is going to be tough, but maintaining is more about being more self conscious about the amount of food you eat and staying active a few days a week.  I do this shit EVERYDAY!!  Yeah I could take a rest here and there but the reality is that if I do, I am just as likely to give up all together.  UGH why did I let myself get to this point!  I miss being 177lbs when I still thought I was pudgy but wasn’t.  I look at old pictures of me and get pissed off at myself.  There is nothing I can do about the past though so I must look towards the future.  A year of this routine will get me to a point where I can manage everything better.

Positive ME Statement #20:

I’m an extreme planner!  Everything has it’s place and most every activity has its specific time.  That’s one of the things that makes this losing weight a little easier.  If I can sit down and make goals, or ‘plans’, then I am more apt to follow through with them.  I’ve always worked better off of To Do lists.  Hell, now I’ve got myself thinking about a bucket list!  Guess I know what my next page on here is going to be!  😀


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