Day 21 – Thinspiration

2016-04-03 06.37.14

So I did ultimately decide to change my weigh-in days to Sunday instead of Monday.  And even though I am one day short from a full week, I was still able to lose 3.8lbs in 6 days!  😀  That is 19.4 lbs total in the last 3 weeks which I honestly can’t complain about!!  So far in my journey I have been ahead of schedule with my goals.  These past 3 weeks I have altered my future weight goals on the Pudge Be Gone page.  I think since I have averaged out between 3-4lbs a week that I won’t have to do too much adjusting in the future.  If all goes well and I continue to do a walk every day, no matter what, as well as keep my eating in check, I predict I will be able to lose at least 3lbs per week until I get down to 250lbs.  Once I’ve gotten to that goal weight, since I want to make sure I eat enough and not too little, I’m only going to push to lose a least 2lbs a week.  I might lose more but I also want to be realistic and not set impossible goals.  I know from past experiences that a 2lbs a week loss was reasonably obtainable between 250lbs and 190lbs.  Once I get to 190lbs then I will drop my pounds lost per week goal to 1lb.  Again I am sure there will be weeks where I lose a bit more than that, but I refuse to starve myself on purpose just to lose the weight!  That shit is NOT happening!!  Which is why I am pissed at myself today.

I boobooed yesterday by barely eating 1,000 cals.  By the time I realized what time it was, it was already after 6PM which I have done excellent not eating after given my early bedtime.  So then comes the question of if I realize that it’s already past 6PM and I haven’t eaten at least 1,200 cals, should I break my rule of no eating after 6PM to make sure I get enough calories?  I was feeling nauseous this morning on my 1hr 13min walk and I’m pretty sure it is due to no eating enough yesterday.  Obviously I need to keep better track of the time but I think next time I might at least let myself eat a piece of fruit or hell, even some oatmeal which I’ve hear helps with sleeping.  Yesterday was the first booboo in that regard and I cross my fingers it will be the last!

Today for my Positive ME Statement #21, I would like to recap on all of the positive things I’ve said about myself over the last 3 weeks!  Sticking with this for that period of time is an accomplishment in and of itself.  Plus 20 is an even number so if I recap every 3 weeks then it will keep my OCD in check as well as help me stay even more positive about myself. 🙂

So here they are:
– I am an amazing songwriter!
#2 – I can always find something positive in situations.
#3 – I am an awesome sister!
#4 – I know how to let shit go!
#5 – I really am a happy lil kid at heart.
#6 – I love planning get togethers and parties.
#7 – I am one of the most openminded people.
#8 – I’m a very creative, artsy craftsy of person.
#9 – I have an awesome ass imagination!
#10 – I absolutely LOOOOOOVE animals!!
#11 – I love to laugh!
#12 – I always try!
#13 – I’m a very driven person.
#14 – I am funny as fuck!
#15 – I am still alive.
#16 – I’m edjumacated!
#17 – I am an excellent cake artist!
#18 – I’m a very honest and trustworthy person.
#19 – I absolutely love animals…..AGAIN!
#20 – I’m an extreme planner!


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