Day 22 – Thinspiration

Today was the worst fucking day ever at work!  Beware to those of you who don’t like cursing cause it’s gonna be all up in this bitch.

I thought it was going to be a good day given that this morning started off wonderful.  I did my 1hr 11min walk with the new little pup and it was calm and relaxing.  Hell, even me drive to work wasn’t frustrating like it usually is given traffic.  I was in a completely solemn mood.  Then I get to work and all hell breaks loose because they changed some of our systems as to how we process specific things and all kinds of bullshit resulted from it.  On top of that it is safe to say that my workload was too much today.   Everybody and their fucking mom decided it was a great morning to IM me asking me where specific reports were when I was TRYING to get the fucking things done.  Given it was the first time I’ve done these damn things on my own didn’t fucking matter to them.  “I’m fucking getting it done mother fucker! If you’d have quit bitchin’ at me I would have got it done 30 minutes sooner, but nooooooooo.”  And then other departments of this company, outside of the one I work in, seem to not know what the fuck they’re doing.   How is someone from Accouting going to ask me how they are supposed to do their fucking job when I work in Treasury??  Two completely different job descriptions dumbfuck!  It’s just unbelievable!

I didn’t even get to take a fucking lunch break!  Though I clocked out for lunch, I worked 9 hours fucking straight and had to eat at my fucking desk because of all this fucking shit.  The next few weeks are going to be sucky.  Given that one of the girls on my team is moving to a different team, instead of four of us there will be only three.  Theeeeeen there is the fact that one of the remain three happens to be on vacation for the next 3 weeks and another one gets off at 2 p.m. my time.  So yeah, I’m going to have to be doing all this shit for three fucking hours all by myself.   I almost lost my mind today.  I thought about quitting, I really did.  About just walking out because I almost started crying like a little bitch while I was sitting at my desk.  I just don’t know…..I can not have this kind of stress in my life.   But here I am trying to make something out of it given the degree that I am completely in debt with.  Low and behold I need to cool the fuck down so no Positive ME Statement #22 today.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.  I will make up for today and post two positive statements tomorrow.  Universe please be kind to me!



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