Day 23 – Thinspiration

Thank you Universe for letting today be a wonderful day all around!  Yesterday had me having my doubts but it turned out great despite my pessimism.  My 1hr 13min walk was fabulous, well…up until the last 10mins when this lil dog decided to poo right in the middle of the sidewalk!  WTF?!??  Could you not find the grass in time pup???  It was literally less than a foot beside you!!  Oh the joys of pickin’ up dog shit in the AM!  At least that was the only shit part of my day….literally!!  Aaaaahaaaahaaaaahaaaa

So I said I would do two Positive ME Statements today given my donkey ball suckin day yesterday.  And here they are!

Positive ME Statement #22:

I am a giver.  Anything and everything I have to ability to give to others I do.  Hell, I’ve had only a few dollars to my name and still felt the urge to donate it to someone else who needed it more than I did.  Which leads me to #2 for the day….

Positive ME Statement #23:

I put others first.  Sometimes I have questioned whether or not this is a pro or con about myself.  The reason for that is because I tend to get fucked over most often than not because of this trait.  I can’t help it though.  I guess the deep down hidden me feels all toasty warm when I see that I’ve everything I can for everyone else.


Wha'cha wanna say??

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