Day 24 – Thinspiration

Man I am super tired.  I don’t think I passed out until almost 9:30pm yesterday cause I was caught up reading a damn book.  I’m such a book worm, especially if it’s a really good romance.  *sigh* 🙂  Despite going to bed an hour later than normal, I was still able to get up at 4:30 this morning for my 1hr 12min walk.  Guess that’s why I’m beat today.  Thinkin’ I’m gonna call it an early night tonight so this post is gonna be super short.  Ate great as always today and did the stairs twice at work.  *YAY* for climbing to the 6th floor Monday through Friday!  Til tomorrow my lovelies!

Positive ME Statement #24:

I love to smile.  While I might have resting bitch face syndrome quite often, I am very expressive when I talk and smiling makes me happy!  I’ve been told that my facial expressions are classically awesome and strange at the same time, lol.  Yay for smiles!!  😀


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