Day 25 -Thinspiration

Being a girl sucks major donkey balls!  What have we all done in previous lives to be doomed to experience a feeling so excruciating to the point where some women have to miss work every month?  From cramps, to fatigue, body aches, jacked up BMs, and even faintness….you just gotta love the monthlies.  Nothing like the feeling of your uterus being scooped out with a crooked ol’ rusty spork to wake a chick up in the morning! Oh fucking yay!

My walk this morning took longer than normal at 1hr 14mins, but that was due to being in extreme pain.  I almost quit halfway through but then thought to myself, FUCK THAT!  Pain or not, I want to lose this weight so ON I PUSHED!!  I’ve been slacking in regards to the crunches/core though.  Aka…I’ve not done a single thing towards my April goal.  *sigh*  Tis all good though.  I will figure something out this weekend and determine how best to add strength training to my exercise routine.

Positive ME Statement #25:

I’m a very random person.  Yes I’m a weirdo and as far from normal as most other people but I love that about myself!  I’d rather be unique then a clone.


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