Day 26 – Thinspiration

Wow!  I just now thought about the fact that it’s been 26 days since I started walking and haven’t missed a single day in the morning!!  I finally checked the distance of my walk and found out that my route is almost exactly 3 miles.  So let’s do the math then…..(3 x 25) + 1.5 = 76.5 miles walked so far since I started back on my weight loss journey.  The 1.5 is for the half walk that I did the day I was sick, Monday before last.  Hell, that is almost 1/3 of the way to Houston from Dallas!  *GO ME!!*

It was a 1hr 12min walk this morning and a least I wasn’t feeling as shitty physically as I was yesterday.  *YAY* for the weekend!  I think I like my weekend morning walks way more than my weekday, because I just keep thinking to myself how I can take my sweet ass time and just keep going if I wanted to.  I love the feeling of not being rushed!

Positive ME Statement #26:

I’m an excellent listener.  Not only am I good at being there to hear a friend rant about their shitty day, but I just love hearing peoples thoughts and opinions on damn near anything.  Don’t get me wrong…I can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk….but I’m even better at just giving people someone to talk to.


Wha'cha wanna say??

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