Day 28 – Thinspiration

2016-04-10 07.29.42

*YAY* for losing another 3lbs this weeks!  😀  I almost cried when I thought I had only lost a single pound but then remembered that you should always weight yourself in the same clothes that you did the prior week so that you get the most accurate reading.  So low and behold after changing out of my bulky clothing, I have in fact come closer to my goal this week.  I was hoping to get down to 179.0 but who am I to bitch about 0.4lbs?!??  I’m pretty sure that had the girly issues not been happening this week I would have reached my original goal.  Because of this, I’m not going to alter my goal sheet.  I think 3.4lbs this next week should be obtainable.

Today is the day that I contemplate exactly which strength training I’m going to add in.  Later today I’ll make another post that has the specific exercises that I plan to do and then I shall start them tomorrow, which will be the start to Week #5.  It’s crazy to believe that I’ve been eating healthily and walking every day for 4 weeks straight!  22.4lbs lost total and and 82.5 miles walked so far.  Here is to another 4 weeks, and then another 4, and another 4….I can definitely do this!  3 mile walk this morning, 1hr 13mins.

Positive ME Statement #28:

I’m a very helpful person.  Helping other people do things gives me a sense of doing something genuinely good.  It also makes up for the fact that I don’t always ask for help when I need it.  It’s almost like I’ve convinced myself that to ask for help is weak but I never look at it that way when others ask for my help.  The double standards that I’ve placed upon myself! UGH!!


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