Day 30 – Thinspiration

I totally forgot to blog about my new walking shoes yesterday!  I was almost crazy enough to spend $110 on a brand new pair of Nikes but when I thought about it, they honestly wouldn’t go with any of my outfits given their color and I needed something not only for comfort when I go on my walks, but also for just going out and about.  So I decided to go with black because that shit goes with everything!  I spent half the amount of money that I planned and walked out of DSW with a new pair of cross trainers for $60.  I’ve never bought this brand before but they had really good reviews online and having walked in them for two days, I am now a fan of Rykä!


I also really liked the story behind the company as well:

For over 25 years, Ryka has been innovating athletic footwear exclusively for women. In fact, everything we create is designed by women. From the shape of her foot to the angle of her stride, we understand that women require more than just a downsized version of a men’s athletic shoe. Fitness fads have come and gone, but one thing remains true to this day: Ryka is the only footwear company managed, designed, and solely dedicated to creating performance women’s athletic shoes.

At Ryka, we honor and respect the collective female core. We inspire women to achieve their own personal transformation both physically and emotionally. We encourage a balanced life of fitness for all women of all ages. We fight for equality and applaud women in all endeavors. We shout with pride: women supporting women!

Excellent eating today and did my 3 mile walk in 1hr 9mins this morning.  Tomorrow is another Arm day so yay for getting up a bit earlier!!  I felt the ache today so I’m actually really excited about tomorrow!

Positive ME Statement #30:

I am extremely patient.  I would have to be given that I came home to find that the lil puppy had not only gotten out of her kennel, but that she had somehow gotten up high enough to eat $35 worth of my aquatic turtle’s food (hence why my blog is so late getting posted because I had to run to PetSmart so that my turtle Max had her food in the morning).  Let’s see….the puppy also ate half of the crayons I had on my shelf (ex-preschool teacher here), a sock, and decided it would be a great idea to pee on the carpet right in front of my bedroom door.  *sigh*  I’ve never seen a dog’s tummy look so bloated but my mom says she’s gonna be alright.  Yay for cleaning up a destroyed bedroom!

20160412_203034A pup named Cinnamon!

At least she didn’t chew up my stuffed cow Ferdinand which I’ve had for almost 15 years, or the sad looking giraffe Pookie.  I think I might have broken down and cried if she had gotten ahold of either one of them.  😦



One thought on “Day 30 – Thinspiration

  1. Aloha beautiful,

    I just wanted to say: YOU GO GIRL!!! Those shoes look nice!

    Good luck with your fitness journey. Keep up the great work

    I just recently started my blog where I will write about my 60lbs weight loss journey (I like to call it my journey to healthy, strong and confident ;-)), beauty, fitness, different places around the world and different types of cuisines. I hope you can find some motivation and inspiration as well on my blog:-)

    I just published an article on my favorite protein bar containing only 3 healthy ingredients.

    Check it out and follow me if you are interested:-)

    I would love to hear from you on my blog and for you to be part of my journey:-)

    Have a lovely day!

    Aloha from Hawaii


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