Day 35 – Thinspirtaion (Scarborough Fair)


OMFG….so there is no walk this morning.  A part of me is a bit disappointed in myself, but I finally have to admit that I need a fucking break today.  Not because of my laziness to not want to do it, I just honestly think that I might have pushed myself a bit too far yesterday with the 10min jog after having not done it in so long.  Then on top of that there was the extra 5 miles that I walked, added to my 3 miles in the morning, while we were at the fair.  Bottom line is that my body aches like a mother fucker!  Calves, shins, ass, shoulders, back….UGH!  EVERYTHING!!  Also, as much as I was in love with my new shoes, I have discovered that there is not very much support in the heels of them.  While at the fair yesterday, I had to take so many breaks and sit down because my left heel was hurting like hell, which I’m sure was due to the jogging.  Then to top it off, my left hip was excruciating!  I was falling apart so bad yesterday but it is what it is and so I must deal with it.  While I don’t hurt as bad as yesterday, I am still in pain.  Tis a ton of stretching I shall be doing today so that I can be good to restart my walking come tomorrow morning.

In regards to my eating at the fair, while it wan’t soooooo sooo bad, I did extend past my usual super healthy eating and ate probably close to 1,900 cals when I have been limiting myself to 1,500.  I ended up going to eat dinner with my family last night at 8:30PM to iHop but I got a house salad and come chicken noodle soup.  I haven’t been letting myself eat after 6PM so this is the first time in over a month that I have.  1.4lbs gain when I compare my before the fair weight from yesterday to my after the fair weight this morning.  1.8lbs loss this week so I’m not gonna complain!  Today I will get back on board!

Check out pictures from Scarborough Fair!




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