Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016

So today marks the first day of a 3 month Weight Loss Challenge with my cousin!  The person with the highest weight loss percentage wins!  This whole thing coming about had another idea spark into my mind.  I would also like to do a 3 month Weight Loss Challenge, during the same time, to include those of you awesome ladies and gentlemen in the WordPress world who were interested in joining a challenge!

My cousin and I’s challenge with each other is going to have the non-winner winner treating the winner winner to an activity that is NOT food related, like a movie, bowling, or theme park.  For my WordPress buddies challenge, I was trying to come up with something a little different because obviously we are not all located in the same area.  Many of you have been such amazing motivators and inspirations that have helped me keep moving towards my goals so I wanted you guys in on the fun!!  After some serious thought, I kept thinking about the fact that not even a week after the challenge is over, I will be going to Scotland.  Then it hit me……wouldn’t it be neat to find some super awesome trinket while I am visiting there, that I can mail to the spectacular winner of the challenge!  I’m super psyched!!

The percentage will be calculated by your total pounds lost as the challenge goes on being divided by your challenge start weight, and then being multiplied by 100.  Check out these examples using all of my weigh ins so far:

Start – 301.8
1st weigh in – 290.4 (-11.4 lbs)
2nd weigh in – 286.2 (-4.2 lbs)
3rd weigh in – 282.4 (-3.8 lbs)
4th weigh in – 279.4 (-3.0 lbs)
5th weigh in – 277.6 (-1.8 lbs)

Week 1: (11.4/301.8)*100 = 3.78%
Week 2: (15.6/301.8)*100 = 5.17%
Week 3: (19.4/301.8)*100 = 6.43%
Week 4: (22.4/301.8)*100 = 7.43%
Week 5: (24.2/301.8)*100 = 8.02%

Brianna, my cuz, and I also did measurements so that we could better figure out our inches lost but that is not something required for the WordPress Buddies Weight Loss Challenge unless you guys want it to be.  Here are my measurements as of today:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.48.00 PM

And I’ve already posted my weight in my Thinspiration blog for the day so I will link it to this one so that everyone can see my starting point for the challenge!  😀

For those of you who are interested in the Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016, here are the rules and information:

  1. Challenge will last from April 17th – July 17th.
  2. Starting weight, with photo of scale, needs to be posted in one of your blogs and linked to this one by no later than Wednesday, April 20th.
  3. Weigh ins will be done every Sunday.  Be sure to use the same scale during the whole competition to make sure that your percentages stay consistent.
  4. Take a picture of the scale and post it to your blog EVERY Sunday, tagging ‘Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016‘.
  5. Make sure that your blog links back to my Challenge post for the week so that I can do the calculations of each participant’s percentage loss so that we can keep track of everyone’s progress and where they are ranking in the competition.
  6. Monday’s I will post a blog with Sunday’s results from all the participants.  I know that some of you have your blogs set to private because you’re not comfortable with everyone knowing how much you weigh.  Rest assure that I will ONLY post your percentage lost, not any actual weights.  🙂
  7. Winner will be announce Monday, July 18th, 2016 and your prize will be shipped to you Monday, August 8th, 2016 once I’m back in the USA!!

I know there won’t be too many people participating in this first challenge but it would be awesome come August when we do another challenge and can get even MORE PARTICIPANTS!!  😀  Fill free to pass this on to any WP people that you guys think would be interested in joining the Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016!


2 thoughts on “Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016

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  2. There are those certain things we all don’t let others know about. I have two. One would be how much I weight and the other would be when I lost my virginity..lol
    I’m passing on this challenge. Good Luck to everyone.


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