Day 37 – Thinspiration (Oatmeal Cherry-Chocolate Chip Cookies)

So todays blog is gonna be super short and sweet.  YAY for it not pouring down rain this morning so that I could go on a walk.  Today’s ended up being 1hr and 12mins.  It was misting a little when I first went out but I just pushed through and did all 3 miles with the lil pup.  I also ended up going for another 26min walk last night before I settled down for bed, so yesterday’s total walking was sitting at 51mins which isn’t too bad.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and I’m about to make some super big changes not only to my workout routine but also the food that I eat as well.  I’m not eating too bad but I’d like to cut out the sodium high soup and add more protein.  I’ll go more into all of that come this weekend when I have some serious time to contemplate everything.

I’m in the Baking Club at work and tomorrow is the day we are supposed to bring made-from-scratch cookies.  We had to pick something we have never made before and I decided to go with Oatmeal Cherry-Chocolate Chip cookies.  So of course I was licking the cookie dough off my fingers when I was finished and even tried one.  I couldn’t very well bake something for other people that I haven’t even sampled!  I feel a bit guilty given that it was 8PM and I’m not supposed to eat after 6PM.  Add to that the fact that of all the things in the world I could have eaten, it was a damn cookie that broke the rule!  Tis life and I shall not punish myself.  It was delish though!!  YUM YUM!!!  No more cookies for Stephanie!  That was my cheat for the week!


Oatmeal Cherry-Chocolate Chip Cookies


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