Day 39 – Thinspiration (Turtle Superhero)

I saved this dude from the middle of the road during traffic on the way home from work today.


I’ve never thrown on my hazard lights, parked in a turn lane, and jumped out of my car so quickly.  People probably thought I was crazy but at least they were nice enough to slow down when they saw him trying to crawl his way across.  Hell, it took 10mins just to walk to the pond/lake that he called home, so 20mins of walking just to save a red-eared slider turtle’s life.  I have a soft spot for RESs though because I happen to have a female turtle.


A turtle named Max

The picture above of her in my hand is from FOREVER ago…she’s way bigger than my whole hand now!  Originally I thought it was a boy turtle when it was the size of a quarter, and Maximus sounded like a cool name.  As I started researching turtles and the turtle grew, I discovered that it was in fact a female.  Maximus became a Maxine literally overnight, and Max has always stuck.  I used to have 2 turtles, received them as a gift from an ex back in 2006, but one of the little guys passed away.  RIP Toby, RIP.  It’s been almost 10 years….damn it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  But yeah….I’m like an animal superhero!  Taking in stray puppies and saving turtles from getting hit by cars, I wonder what animal I will rescue next!!  😀

I did end up going for a 35min walk last night before bed.  It was good to stretch out my muscles from my strength training that morning.  I was already starting to feel my calves and inner thighs getting tender.  And of course this morning they were pretty achy along with my abs.  YAY for workout aches!!  🙂

It was raining again this morning so no walk, but I did the 20min rescue mission and plan on takin the pup for another 35min walk before bed.  That will have me sitting at 55mins.  It’s not the complete length of time I’m use too but cardio is cardio so I shouldn’t beat myself up for getting off my ass and doing something.  I’m thinking I might start only going for a 30min walk in the morning and then do another one in the evening.  It would probably be better for Cinnamon to get two walks in a day and that could leave me a little extra time in the morning to start adding in some ST every day.  If that happens then I’ll be alternating between upper body, lower body , and core.  I shall ponder more on this thought….


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