Day 41 – Thinspiration

Woke up super early yet again and did a 52min walk this morning.  I kind of like that fact that I’ve decided to reduce my walks down by about 15-20mins.  It’s amazing how just that small amount of time gives me the opportunity to get other things accomplished.

I have to be honest and admit I’m a little nervous about my weigh-in in the morning.  But all I can do it hope that my hard work this week will pay off.  Universe please be kind to me!  Tomorrow is my think day in regards to getting my healthiness sorted out better.  I’m honestly thinking about adding tuna back into my diet.  Back in the day I used to eat a can of that shit every morning for some serious protein and it worked wonders!  It also helped me with my water intake since I ate it straight out of the can and I had to drink a ton of water with it because it would dry out my mouth.  Oh yay for changes a comin’!  Today’s blog is short and sweet cause I’m tired as FUUUUUUCK!  ‘Til tomorrow!


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