Day 42 – Thinspiration

2016-04-24 06.56.07

OM-freakin’-G!  Not only did I meet my weight loss goal for the week, but I waaaaay surpassed it!!  I gotta be honest when I say I didn’t believe the scale a single bit, but I got on and off the damn thing like 6 times and it would fluctuate between a few numbers but kept landing on 272.6.  Could it be a glitch?!??  Now I’m just being pessimistic and to hell with that!  YAY!  That is a 5.0lb loss from last weekend!  That puts my Week One percentage loss with my cousins WL Challenge at 1.80%.

Week 1: (5.0/277.6)*100 = 1.80%

While that sounds like an unhealthy amount to lose in a week, I think about how last week the scale showed that I hadn’t met my goal due to me eating a bit crazy at the fair the day before.  I also think about the fact that when I weighed myself last Saturday morning right before we left for the fair I was at 276.2 but then the next morning, AFTER FAIR WEIGHT, I was at 277.6.  So techniqually if I look at it from Saturday’s weight it is more like a 3.6lb weight loss which is way more reasonable.  But what the fuck ever!  I weigh on Sunday’s so that is what I shall go by.  It makes me confident that even if every once in a while I have a day where I enjoy myself a little with food, one not-quite-healthy meal is not going to ruin everything unless I let that one meal turn into many.  It also reinforces that strength training is a MUST when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy.  I’ve always been more or a cardio chick because I like GOING places when I walk, run, jog, etc.  ST is one of those stationary things that honestly makes me antsy.

Today is the day I get more of my plan mapped out.  I’m super excited to almost be out of the 270s given that the last time that I did a weight loss journey, I was somewhere in the 260s.  That particular journey I was able to lose about 40lbs getting into the 220s which I can’t even fathom being in again just quite yet.  I can only focus of the next set of 10s because if I spend too much time thinking about more than that, I get super disappointed when I don’t get there quick enough and then set up completely unreasonable goals in my mind.  I would prefer to not do that thank you very much!

And FYI…I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing the Upright Bar Push-out Row (Shoulders) or the Upright Bar Row-up (Shoulders) exercises.  The day before I initially did them, when I was researching shoulder exercises, I had come across an article that suggested they weren’t good for you because they could cause pinched nerves.  Low and fucking behold I have had a pinched nerve for the last 5 days between my shoulder blades.  So yeah…don’t do that shit!!  Haven’t gone for my walk this morning and the lil pup seems a bit peeved at me because of it.  That’s the good thing about having a dog around when you’re trying to get into shape, I feel guilty if I don’t take her for a walk and let her experience life outside of the house so it forces me to keep active.  YAY for awesome puppies!!  😀


5 thoughts on “Day 42 – Thinspiration

  1. So proud of you! Keep up the great work! It’s always nice to surpass your goal. It’s not realistic every time, but man, the days that it happens, it’s freaking amazing! You deserve to be super happy right now and so proud!! Yay!!!

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  2. Keep going! And don’t worry, 5 lb is not an unhealthy amount to lose in a week. You can even lose more without having to worry.
    It’s also okay to sin once in a while concerning food. Your body sometimes craves a cheeseburger and then it’s okay to give in. Denying your body this small pleasure is not good, strange as it may sound.
    About the exercises: You might wanna try them with less weight and more repetitions as a warm up, e.g. 1-2 sets and then use your normal weights. This might decrease the risk of pinched nerves.

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