New Healthy Plan!

Tomorrow marks the start of Week 7 so here is the new plan I have been thinking long and hard about!

Alternating between upper body and lower body Monday-Friday with core strength training done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Saturdays and Sundays will be my ST rest days.  I will be sure to try and go for a walk everyday for at least 35mins.  That’s that typical time it takes when I escort the pup for quick walk in the evenings.  So while I will push to walk way more than that, at least if I’m having an off day, a single pup walk will meet my goal.  I’ve even made myself a calendar for the last week of April and the month of May!  Check it out:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.12.28 AM

In regards to specific exercises, I think the ones that I have already been doing will suffice for the time being.  Any time that I get a free moment to look into others I will be super excised to try them out and add them to the overall routine.  So far though, I think I’ve a decent variety of exercises that target enough different areas to work for now.

As far as food goes, I’ve been pretty consistent with the things that I’ve eaten because well, I like what I eat!  Typically I have myself a Dole Smoothie Shaker in the morning, with 50% less sugar OJ mixed into it.  I know it would be healthier to make my own smoothie from fresh fruit and veggies like I used too back in the day, but these are easier and less time consuming at the moment.  As I keep pushing towards my ultimate goal, they will be replaced by an even healthier, fresher smoothie.

Along with my smoothie I have some Quaker Oats Oatmeal.  Recently I have gone from the regular fruit varieties to the lower sugar ones.  What I plan to do starting this next week, is to take out the morning oatmeal all together and replace it with a can of tuna before I do my workouts.  The reality is that I seriously do not have enough protein in my diet and the tuna will help me out a TON in that regard.  I would like to still keep the oatmeal as a selection in my diet if I seriously feel starved because it is filling.  Hell, I’ve even contemplated moving it to right before bed.  I’ve read tons of articles that say it helps promote good sleep.

As far as my snacks go, I plan to keep on having an apple, banana, and orange as my choices for the day.  Yes fruit tends to have a lot of sugar in it, but at least it is natural sugar instead of processed.  I’m sure eventually I will move to exchanging one for almonds or some kind of nuts specifically for the protein.  I’m not ready to take on the extra calories yet, not until I’ve amped up my strength training to 100%.

I think my lunches are pretty on point.  I normally have a salad consisting of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and grilled chicken.  Ranch is a must and just recently I have started to reduce the amount of dressing that I have with the salad.  I haven’t actually weighed all of the things in it to find out the exact calorie consumption, but I do have a pretty good guestimate.  With the salad I have my fresh stack pack of a variety of Ritz Crackers.  I’m not giving up the damn crackers damn-it!  While I know they are super processed, you gotta have the small joys in life and I get excited to eat lunch everyday when I think about my crackers….Mmmmmmmmm.

Last but not least there is dinner.  While the soup that I typically eat is light and not super heavy, it really does have too much salt in it.  I’m thinking that boiling, baking, or grilling some chicken for the week that I can take for my dinner and adding a super grain like quinoa to it, will be way healthier and soooo much lower in regards to salt consumption.

Today was the day for prepping and setting everything into motion!  *YAY* for motivation!!  😀


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